Church St, Bath

The stylish shower room really does stand out with the great use contrasting tiles in the shower and behind the basin. The illuminated mirror really helps to bring out the accent colour with the blue LED glow. This mirror can easily be adjusted to the users preference of brightness and colour temperature as well as being steam free and touch-less switch.


The fashionable, special finish basin mixer and shower system are bang on trend and give a very boutique look to the room.


In the bathroom the back to wall bath has achieved a freestanding look that gives the feeling of luxury which is highlighted by the darker contrasting tiles behind. The back edge of the bath is sealed to the wall which is water tight and easy to clean. It also helps if you are conscious of space and they tend to be easier to install too. The large recess alcove above the bath allows plenty of space for candles and toiletries. There is also a large bespoke mirror above the bath which gives the illusion of a larger room and helps reflect light around.



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