Bette Baths

Bette is a German, family-run business who have been producing premium architectural bathroom components from steel-titanium alloy with purely natural materials since 1952.

Their thermoforming process allows them to create flowing shapes with craftsmanship and precision. Bette products are one-of-a-kind, with a broad range of colours and dimensions to create an inspiring space in every bathroom design.

Famous for their baths they now offer a wide range of shower trays and basins in the same robust enamelled steel. Available in a multitude of sizes, colours and anti slip textures.


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Bette Lookbook 2024 13.86 MB 10-Apr-2024
BetteUltra XXL 02 Print 4c medium A4 © BETTE GmbH & Co. FSB2 SQ © BETTE GmbH & Co. FSB4 SQ © BETTE GmbH & Co. OUB1 SQ © BETTE GmbH & Co. OUB2 SQ © BETTE GmbH & Co. Bette Floor 2018 9239 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteComodo 03 06 web © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteComodo Unterbauwaschtisch 02 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteEve Oval Silhouette 01 Print 4c medium A4 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteFloor Side 02 02 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteFloor Side 02 03 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteLoft Unterbauwasch © BETTE GmbH & Co.tisch 02 BetteLux Oval Silhouette Blue Satin 02 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteOcean 02 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteOne Unterbauwaschtisch 01 © BETTE GmbH & Co. BetteSelect Duo 02b © BETTE GmbH & Co.

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