Exposed Shower

Exposed shower systems are mixer showers that need a hot and cold supply and all the workings are on the outside of the wall. The showers valves are normally thermostatic (which means that the tempera... Read More
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Concealed Showers

Concealed shower systems are also mixer showers that use both hot and cold water supply and all the workings are on the inside of the wall. They are mostly thermostatic (which means that the temperatu... Read More
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Electric Showers

Electric showers run off cold water only and require an electrical supply. The higher the kilowatt rating the higher the flow rate with the shower but speak to your electrician as there might be compl... Read More
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Digital Showers

Digital showers require both a hot and cold water feed and an electrical supply. There is normally a separate console that these supplies feed to which can be located in a accessible location such as ... Read More
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Power Showers

Power showers are exposed mixer showers (with a hot and cold water feed) that also have a small pump inside the main box unit to boost the pressure which means it would require an electrical feed. The... Read More
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