2nds and End of Line Products


Total Bathrooms are the exclusive suppliers of Roper Rhodes, Laura Ashley, Tavistock and R2 Factory Seconds and End of Line Bathrooms.

Factory seconds are not ‘second hand’ they are simply products that have a mark, some small damage or an imperfection – sometimes it is only the packaging that is damaged or missing. Whereas End of Line products have been discontinued by the manufacturer making them in perfect condition but just not produced by them anymore.

These products are sold at a fraction of their recommended prices and therefore represent fantastic value for our customers! We have huge stocks of furniture, toilets, vanity units, mirrors, cabinets, toilet seat’s, accessories and much more!

Damaged Packaging

For example, you may be looking for fitted furniture to be installed where the sides won’t be seen. Then why not save up to 70% and get a run of furniture with slight damage you will not even see once the run has been fitted.

What about a replacement toilet seat for a third of the retail price, or an illuminated mirror which will lighten your bathroom but not your wallet! You might even like the look of some end of line basins.…..and these are just a few examples of the thousands of products available at fabulous prices!

As people have differing expectations and we do not take returns on this range of products we advise that all Seconds and End of Line are inspected by the customer in-store before purchase.

Roper Rhodes Ex-Display Bathrooms

Our customers love the diverse range of ex display bathrooms products available in the clearance outlet. With over 6000 square feet of display space, and Roper Rhodes and Tavistock Ex-Display products returned to us, we believe that we have more ex-display products for sale at any one time than anyone else in the UK. By stocking high quality ex-display bathrooms for sale, we always aim to maintain the standards set for every product sold in our showroom.    

These products represent a real bargain with huge savings to be had for items that are often in perfect condition. Like the seconds and end of line products, ex-display bathrooms items are sold as seen but they are always fit for purpose. 


Why not come down and check out the bargains available or give us a call to ask for our guidance? Either way we look forward to serving you!

Loads More Upstairs


When you do visit us, if you would like to see more clearance items than we have room for in the showroom please do ask to be shown some of the stock we have on the mezzanine in the warehouse upstairs.


There are other shaped, sized and coloured units but we do have to escort you for your safety as it is a working area.

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