Freestanding Baths

Often considered the luxury item to aspire to, the freestanding bath requires space but really oozes style! Available in traditional roll top or more contemporary designs, there are freestanding baths... Read More
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Straight Baths

Possibly the most common type of bath, but definitely the most practical type, these rectangular models come in various sizes and the most common is 1.7m by 0.7m, but is available up to 2m by 1m. &nb... Read More
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Shower Baths

Characterised by having a larger area at one end of the bath for showering. There are two common forms: the ‘L’ shape, which has a square side to the shower area, topped by an ‘L’ section scre... Read More
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Inset & Under-mounted Baths

These type of baths are designed to either drop onto a hole in a tiled or solid top (Inset) or fit underneath the hole in a solid top (Under-mounted) which will then require finished edges on the insi... Read More
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