Straight Baths

Possibly the most common type of bath, but definitely the most practical type, these rectangular models come in various sizes and the most common is 1.7m by 0.7m, but is available up to 2m by 1m.


Two main options are for single ended (where the waste and overflow are down at one one) and double ended (where the waste and overflow are in the centre) . The single ended is more suitable for a single bather and for showering as the end with the waste has more vertical sides (therefore more flat base) for standing. The double ended has two back slopes at either end for anyone who likes to share a bath. 


The different materials available include the more common Acrylic (plastic in both standard or reinforced thicknesses) as well the stronger options of steel and mineral resin. The acrylic and mineral resin baths are usually supplied with no tap holes which can be drilled on site if required. It is recommended to order the steel baths with the tap holes required as it is tricky to cut and can void the warranty. These baths usually come with adjustable legs and the acrylic models normally have a matching acrylic bath panel option. Wood and resin bath panels ones are also available for straight baths but the option of tiling the side can give a high end finish although it makes access tricky. Non-slip base of the bath and grips on the side are sometimes an option depending on the model.


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