Shower Baths

Characterised by having a larger area at one end of the bath for showering. There are two common forms: the ‘L’ shape, which has a square side to the shower area, topped by an ‘L’ section screen, and the ‘P’ shape which has a rounded side to the shower area, topped by a curved screen. As you can see in our online bathroom store, shower baths are a good compromise to having a decent sized shower area and being able to keep a bath in a smaller bathroom. One disadvantage of the shower bath is that they take a larger volume of water when used as a bath.


The most common material is Acrylic (plastic) which you can sometimes get in a reinforced thickness if you are concerned about the bath flexing and causing leaks. These are supplied with no tap holes as they are drilled on site). Stronger steel models are also available but have a much higher price tag.

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