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Total Bathrooms Video Appointments


With many people around the country having to spend time at home and being either unable or unwilling to venture out, we thought it might be useful to offer video appointments with one of our expert staff to our local customers. These are generally available to customers within a 15 mile radius of Bath, however if you are uncertain please phone to discuss your requirements.


How a Total Bathrooms video appointment works:

Step 1. Please phone, email us or fill out the contact form to request a video appointment.

Step 2. We will either book an available future slot for you during the call or make contact with you to organise an appointment with one of the sales team and take all of your details.

Step 3. We will video call you at the allotted date and time using ‘Whatsapp’. Whatsapp is a free mobile application available from the Apple App Store and from the Play Store for Android. Using the cameras on our phone we will be able to talk through your requirements and show you relevant products around the showroom.

Step 4. We will then provide you with a quote for any bathroom equipment you require via email. If you wish to make any changes or have any questions we can repeat Step 3 or indeed have a telephone conversation to make the changes.

Step 5. If you wish to go ahead you can make a payment online and when your goods arrive we can hold them for your collection or deliver them to your home if required.

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