Going Solar

At Total Bathrooms we believe in doing what we can to minimise our impact on the environment. In early 2019 we installed Solar panels on the roof of our warehouse to reduce our reliance on the electrical grid. We also have plans to install a charging point and purchase electric vans as our current fleet ages and needs replacing.



Eco Bathrooms

If you want to reduce your water consumption or electrical usage in the bathroom we have the ideas to help you. Just ask one of our expert team to guide you through the Eco friendly bathroom options including some wonderful water saving shower heads.



Our Building’s Energy Perfomance

We are pleased to announce that in conjunction with help from our landlord through changes to roof insulation, tinting of windows, more energy efficient heating and the installation of the solar panels over the past 2 years we have managed to reduce the Energy performance of our large warehouse and showroom from a D (which is considered passable) to a B which is much better! There is still a way to go to get to A but we continue to make small changes where we can to improve this rating.




At Total Bathrooms we recycle all of our cardboard packaging and we have our own recycling bins on site for mixed recyclables as you would expect of any responsible company. We also try to reduce the use of shrink wrapping as much as possible due to this fine plastic being very difficult to recycle and we reuse protective packaging wherever possible.   

solar panel


Energy efficiency chart



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