Illuminated mirrors

With our range of illuminated mirrors to add a bit of light on the subject, you can choose from having LED or bulb illumination (some of which you can adjust the colour to suit the other lights and also with brightness adjustment for personal preference), a demister pad to stop it steaming up, a shaver socket for recharging toothbrushes/shavers or even one with built in Bluetooth & DAB/WIFI radio and speakers playing music to create the perfect ambience in the room.


There are various sizes available to match the basin widths and even some traditional ones with painted wooden frames to match furniture. 

Non-illuminated mirrors

If you don’t feel the need for extra light in your bathroom or don’t have the electric supply for an illuminated mirror, something a bit more simple or traditional might be what you are looking for. We offer a range of plain and framed mirrors for you to choose from. Some of the wooden frames can match the furniture range of colours. Some of these can have a demister pad added to them to avoid steaming up.


Bespoke plain and bevelled mirrors can also be ordered to any size although when they get too long they might have to come in a few sections to make transportation/installation possible. Sometimes a thin wooden template is required if it is fitting an exact or awkward space for them to create to mirror from. 

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets give you the usefulness of a bathroom mirror with the added bonus of some helpful extra storage space. With options including lights, demister pads, recharging/USB sockets and even built in Bluetooth speakers for music, there is something for everyone. And if technology isn’t something you need, we also have plain mirrored cabinets for you which you can also get in the matching furniture finishes.


Some can be recessed into the wall to help save space but you would normally need a stud wall for this. With the illuminated mirror cabinets the LED lighting can be adjustable with the brightness and colour temperature so it matches the rest of the bathroom lighting. Other features can include mirrored doors on the inside and back panel of the cabinet to give maximum viewing function. Also there are normally adjustable shelves and you can also get magnetic organisers and magnifying mirrors. There can be a few different widths to choose from to help match the basin.

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