Glass Protection Coatings


With showers becoming more and more popular in our busy lives many people are replacing baths with shower cubicles. 

Almost every manufacturer has in recent years introduced some kind of coating on the glass to protect from the build up of limescale and other elements on the glass and to make the glass easier to clean. For some brands this is an option to be chosen by the consumer but for many manufacturers their showering glass is now coated as standard.

There are some subtle differences however most of the coatings achieve the same thing and are sprayed and then cured on to the glass.


Glass Coating under a microscope

A protective coating actively repels water and grime to stay looking cleaner for longer.


Water and grime cling readily to untreated uneven glass surfaces.

It is important to remember that these coatings will diminish over time (some faster than others) depending on: how much the shower is used; how well and how often you clean it; and how hard the water is in your area. 

The life of the glass protection coatings can be extended by:

– Cleaning the shower glass after every use.

– Ventilating the shower area well (using extraction).

– Not allowing Limescale to build up in hard water areas.

– Ensuring any residual water on the glass is removed after every use.

– Cleaning the glass using soapy water on a regular basis.

– Not using abrasive cleaning products on the glass.

If you do find your coating wearing off over time do not despair. There are many restorative products available that will clean the glass to a standard that will allow a new coating to be applied. Kits to do this start from about £25 and the process can be completed by virtually anyone.

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