How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost?

One of the most important queries when starting a new bathroom project is How much will it cost? We are going to answer this to the best of our ability, but before we do it’s important to say that providing a generic cost for a new bathroom is challenging due to the endless amount of products available these days each with differing price points and levels of installation complexities.

Combining this with a diverse range of design layouts can massively affect the scope of your renovation project and the associated costs. When you then factor in the hughly varying room sizes and differing building structures found across the country, you can see why working out a price usually has to be tailored to each and every single bathroom plan. 

With all of that said, let’s get down to what you really want to know. We will try to give you a rough idea about average spend with bathrooms based on our experience here at Total Bathrooms in Bath. We will break it down in to three categories – supply only, costs for independent local fitters installing the products, and then the complete supply and fit costs where we would manage the project from start to finish.

Cash and Card

Delivery in Van

Supply Only

We have found that the cost for just the products (including wall tiles/panels and flooring) start at around £1,500-£2,500 per room. For this budget you would get a basic bathroom including simple tiles around the bath or shower. However, we find that the average person spends around £3000 – £6000 per room. At the top end of the scale you can spend over £15,000 or more per room for high end products. Smaller cloakrooms can be under £1000 as they are usually just the toilet and basin with people spending on average around £1500-3000 to purchase their cloakroom products.

Installation Only

Whilst we don’t offer an installation only service for products purchased elsewhere, the fitting costs by an independent contractor in the Bristol/ Bath area are generally an average of £4000 – £6000 per room for a standard bathroom including tiling. We have gathered this information from some of our recommended local installers. Smaller Ensuites are on average £3000 – £5000 per room to install and bijou cloakrooms are on average £2000 – £4000 including tiling.




So to get a whole new bathroom (paying the for both the products & the installation by an independent contractor) you could be looking at a starting price of around £6000 with your average bathroom costing around £9000. Although this approach is the most cost effective way of having a new bathroom in your home, it does come with some inherent risks.

Obviously we advise you to get at least two quotes to compare and communicate clearly with your chosen fitter to ensure they understand what your desired outcome looks like. You will need to make sure you get the appropriate paperwork and insurance details from your chosen fitter and manage any post installation issues/ snagging.

Cutting Tiles

Levelling Basin

Premium Supply and Fit Service

Companies that offer a Supply and Fit service, take responsibility for the installation, warranty and post installation, including supplying the products, project management and full fitting of the bathroom. This service from Total Bathrooms is a premium service which starts at around £10,000 per room for a basic bathroom, with customers paying an average of £12,000-16,000 per room. Of course larger rooms and/or top specification equipment can mean additional costs. Cloakrooms being much smaller than bathrooms in general will cost less, featuring less fixtures and less plumbing. 

Although it definitely costs more for a turn key ‘Supply and Fit’ solution from one company there are additional benefits as you only have to deal with one company for everything. You also get peace of mind with longer warranties (we give a 2 year warranty on workmanship) and a team that is easy to contact with a stress free solution for a smooth installation process. In addition, if you are not living at the property then they can project manage the work for you and ensure it is completed on time and to standard.

Did you want to explore more and get more help on what sort of bathroom you can get for your budget?

Check out our other blog post – What does my budget get me for a new bathroom? – for a look at what products and styles are availble in your price range. 

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