How to – Measure your Bathroom

Printing out our Room Measure Sheet


If you are confident using a tape measure then feel free to print out and fill in our Home Measure sheet. Just click on the image and print out the sheet (one sheet per room).


Then either scan it in or take a good quality photo of the filled in sheet and send to us at  our email address = showroom@totalbathrooms.co.uk


The drawing does not need to be to scale as long as the measurements are accurate and  have added as many as possible. If you can also send photos of the current room then this would be helpful for our designers.


If you would like some confirmation that the measurements are correct and the design will work then we can always arrange to carry out a Home Survey before the order is placed to give you peace of mind.


Please see an filled in example of the sheet below and once you finish you can even design your own bathroom using our easy to use ‘online planning tool’ here.


Example of a Completed Room Measure Sheet


Here is an example of a room with a few irregularities, please click on the image to enlarge. If you have any more doors windows or the room is a more intricate shape then please just add as many measurements as possible.


If there is a sloping ceiling then we normally require a side drawing of one of the walls known as a side elevation. Please pick a wall that shows the angle of the roof slope. Also try to draw a feature on that wall such a window or basin to help us understand. If you struggle drawing then you can always number every wall and show us which wall you are drawing. 


A lot of the time a soil pipe (toilet waste pipe) has to stay in the same location and if your pipe goes into the floor then please mark how far out the pipe sticks out from the wall behind and how far it is to the next wall.



How to measure a Room Width & Length


To measure these long distances from wall to opposite wall you can either get someone to assist you by holding the opposite end of the tape measure or lay it on the floor. If this is not possible as a bath tub might be in the way then you can either rest the tape on this surface or if the distance is too far then mark on the wall half way and take two measurements that you simply add together.

How to measure Ceiling Height


Simply place the tape measure on the floor and measure vertically up to the ceiling. Putting it up against a wall will help to keep it straight. If it is too tall to reach then use a step ladder.


If there is a sloped ceiling then measure vertically the tallest point and the shortest point. You will also need to measure horizontally the width of this sloped section and/or the width of a straight flat section of the room if there is one.

How to measure a Door


Door Width – this is the width of just the door that opens into the room (or outwards).


Door and Frame Width – this is the width of the door and the frame usually easier to measure when the door is closed.


Door Edge to Nearest Wall – this is the distance from the door frame to the nearest wall

How to measure a Window


Window Width – this is the measurement of the window recess from left to right


Window Height – this is the measurement of the window recess from top to bottom


Floor to Window Height – this is the height from the floor to the bottom of the window (window sill) 


Window Edge to Nearest Wall – his is the distance from the window edge to the nearest wall


If you are thinking of changing your window sill maybe to a matching piece of worktop that you are also using on your furniture then it is worth jotting down the depth of your window sill.

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