Material Clad Baths

We are pleased to announce that Hurlingham Baths have introduced bespoke tailoring which involves a cast iron bath being covered on the outside with the fabric of your choice enabling you to match the style of your bath with other elements in your home.

Only you know what your dream bath should look and feel like, that’s why we can now offer a completely bespoke tailoring option. Hurlinhams’ highly skilled craftsmen can take a fabric of your choosing and using state of the art facilities expertly cover the outside of a cast iron bath with the chosen cloth. 

The first step is to bring us a swatch which we send off for testing to ensure the fabric will be right for the task. Then once the material has been approved, you order the quantity of fabric required from the cloth merchant (the quantity differs depending on the size of the bath chosen).  Once you have your fabric and placed the order with us we all wait with excitement while Hurlingham go to work. Two weeks later your bespoke creation arrives and is ready to be delivered from us to your home.

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