Mood Lighting

This diverse type of lighting can be easily overlooked but can make all the difference to giving a spa like finish to the bathroom. It is normally not task lighting and is indirect so it is more atmospheric and relaxing. You can be creative as you like with these lights but if they are fitted in showering or bathing spaces then you can need up to IP67 rating.You can sometimes pick between the temperature colours of warm (yellow tint colour), cool (blue tint colour) or daylight (natural colour) and even colour changing lights. They can vary between small round LED spotlights and adhesive LED ribbon strips that you fit into recessed boxes, bath panels and underneath furniture and if set up on a different lighting circuit to the ceiling lights it can give a perfect alternative lighting option to create a calm sanctuary. Unwind with a soothing bath or ease yourself into the day with a shower in a room with alternative lighting setup. Why not remove the need for finding a lightswitch in the dark and blinding yourself by including Infrared sensors in the ceiling to operate this gentle light source.

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