A shower pump is a device measuring around 30cm in length, although sizes do vary and can be much smaller and much larger. They boost water pressure in your pipes by increasing the volume of water which is pumped through them. Most shower pumps operate by the same principle. Low pressure water is taken into a chamber and fed into the centre of an impeller which is spinning quickly. The water is thrown outward by centrifugal force and ejected from the impeller housing at high speed. The improved water pressure is visible at the shower head where the force of the spray becomes greater as the pressure and flow rate increases. A single shower pump, also known as a single impeller pump, is designed to improve just one feed. This is usually the hot water feed although it can be used for cold water feeds and mixed water feeds. A twin shower pump, also known as a twin impeller pump, increases the pressure in both hot and cold water feeds. This makes them much more desirable and therefore the most popular option.


Positive Head Shower Pumps = When a shower is installed, if it is gravity fed it’ll usually require installing below the water tank. The distance below the tank is approximately one metre and is known as the head. This is where the term positive head shower pumps come in. These are the most common option.


Negative Head Shower Pumps =Negative head shower pumps are placed above a cold water tank, or level with them if needed, and draws water from the tank and forces it towards the shower. They’re used in homes which don’t have the room below the tank and the shower head/outlet is above or at the same level as the cold tank.


Mains Water Pumps = Mains water booster pumps offer a straightforward solution to the problem of low mains water pressure. Unlike shower pumps, who’s impellers could be damaged by mains pressure, they are designed to easily fit on to the incoming cold water mains supply to provide the whole house with added cold water pressure.

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