Wall Hung Toilets

Wall mounted toilets are installed to the wall and are suspended keeping space between the floor and pan, giving the illusion of more floor space and allowing room for easy cleaning underneath.  The cistern is fitted within the wall using a frame, the outlet pipe goes into the wall concealing it along with the cistern.


These frames can be fitted into a wall with a flush plate for maintenance access to the cistern or if you can’t fit it in the wall then you could look at boxing out with a false wall. There are also smaller frame models that fit into furniture which can be used with a smaller flush button as the top fascia of the furniture can be removed for access..


A new technology is Rimless which is a rim free bowl in the top inner edge of the pan for easy cleaning and is more hygienic. Also state of the art technology are the Shower toilets which have a bidet function allowing you to wash with warm water and can have features such as air dryer, heated seat, odour extractor, and even automatic opening lid and lighting.


Most tend to be modern styles but there are a few traditional options too.  Toilet seats are usually Quick release for ease of cleaning and tightening and Soft close toilet seats to reduce noise. The exact seat that in the range  that matches the pan is normally the only option although some shapes (oval and D shaped) are more universal. Contemporary shaped pans usually have a plastic seat whereas traditional ones are commonly wooden. 

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