Basement Bathroom, City View

This project began as a real challenge for our designer Rob. The bathroom is set in the underground basement of the property which presented a maze of tight turns for bringing products into the room and a low sloping ceiling within the bathroom itself making tiling and product placement quite difficult. 

Rob utilized the existing layout of the bathroom to take advantage of one alcove for the bath/shower, building out a wall to accommodate the hidden shower valve and to add a storage space. All of the units used are low profile to provide the maximum amount of storage space whilst making the room feel larger. This is coupled with pale tiles and surfaces, and well-placed lighting to counteract the lack of natural light. 

A particularly clever trick was the use of underfloor heating…in the walls! This has turned what was previously quite a cold and damp space into a warm, dry and welcoming bathroom. 

The final result is a bright warm space with plenty of storage and room to move. 



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