Kinber Close Shower Room, Bath

This space doesn’t allow for much of a layout change but that doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made. 

One of the biggest changes is the shower enclosure. The alcove in the room lends itself to having a large shower enclosure which is exactly what has been incorporated. The new shower tray is flush with the floor and the waste has been routed under the floorboards to allow this. This has created a nicer looking enclosure, and having the shower tray fit the precise dimensions has allowed for a much larger space without the wasted cavity that was present before.  The enclosure is finished with a modern shower system, including the typical handset on the slider rail and an additional overhead shower. 

Rather than keep the basin on a plinth, all of the ceramics have been replaced and instead mounted on slim-depth furniture. Not only does this take up a very small footprint due to the slim depth, but the furniture creates more storage space with the cupboard under the basin.  Something that wasn’t present in the old room is a tall heated towel rail. This of course creates a lot of storage space for towels but it is also crucial in a small room like this with a shower to dry it out. 

The colour scheme complements the main bathroom, with lavender painted walls and pale Jaylux Durapanel shower panels. It has been differentiated with the grey furniture instead of derwent blue which creates a very mellow and relaxing atmosphere. 

Brands Used On This Project

PSWSQ3 PSWSQ1 PSWSQ4 PSWSQ2 P3D3 Ensuite P3D1 Ensuite P3D2 Ensuite PSWB41 PSWB42 PSWB43

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