Marble Suite, Haringtons Hotel, Bath

It doesn’t get much more compact than this little hotel ensuite. Despite it’s size, it contains everything you could need for your stay.

A full-size wall hung basin with ample countertop space surrounding it allows for the toilet to be situated adjacent without sacrificing leg room due to the lack of furniture underneath. The plumbing has all been hidden inside build out units behind both the basin and toilet, which has also created a nice little niche for the heated towel rail to sit along with the shaver socket so that it doesn’t protrude into the room. 

The overhead shower sits above a walk-in enclosure level with the floor and is accentuated by the marble effect shower wall panels which have also been used to surround the toilet and basin. These are fully waterproof once fitted and make perfect splashbacks in a range of colours/styles. 

In addition to the recessed ceiling lights, the room is also lit by the LED mirror. The warmth and brightness of this mirror can be adjusted using a touch switch and features an integrated heated demisting pad on it’s rear so that it’s always clear even when the room is full of steam from the shower.


Brands Used On This Project

HHSQ2V2 HHSQ3 HHSQ4 HHSQ1 1503D2 1503D3 1503D1 1503D4

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