Shaftesbury Avenue, Bath

If the old bathroom looked good, the new one is nothing short of incredible. 

You can see from the photos that the old bathroom looked fantastic and was wonderfully maintained but the owners decided they wanted a more modern upgrade with a fresh look. The room was re-designed by our showroom team and all new fixtures were picked out.

The bath was  replaced with an extravagant freestanding model. A gorgeous gold, wall-mounted spout and handle set have been fitted above the bath and the stud-wall hiding the plumbing has allowed for a recessed storage area to be fitted just above this, providing plenty of storage space. Gold is the theme throughout for the brassware and even extends to the furniture legs and mirror bezel/frame.

Adjusting the shower position has allowed for a larger, walk-in shower enclosure. A tileable tray was used so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the tiled floor. The enclosure features minimal folding glass with black fittings to match the radiator and some of the other fixings. The shower itself has an overhead showerhead as well as a handset option.

The toilet features a low-level cistern connected by a gold pipe. This of course matches with the rest of the brassware and carries on into the fittings for the basin furniture which is wall mounted but beautiful complimented by the gold legs. The design on this side of the room incorporates both tiles and wallpaper to provide adequate waterproofing but also stunning patterns around the mirror, above the basin. 

Brands Used On This Project

complete bathrooms bathroom showrooms online bathroom store SASQ2 SA3D1 SAB42 SAB41

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