Shower Room, Combe Down, Bath

This beautifully clean space has been very carefully built to a flawless finish. The shower has a concealed tileable tray to give a seamless floor but allow appropriate drainage. The same principle has been applied to all of the plumbing, hidden behind studwall in the case of the shower, only the black finish Crosswater outlets and valve cover being visible. 

The basin rests on a free floating counter top which matches the wall hung unit beneath it. To keep in line with the rest of the bathroom, the basin bottle trap is in a pure black finish and exits out of the wall. A bracket has been added to one end of this counter top to store a convenient hand towel. The wall hung unit adds an ever greater sense of space to what is already a good sized room, but also allows for easy floor cleaning and prevents moisture from building up at the base of the unit should it splash out of the shower. 

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