Stone Suite, Haringtons Hotel, Bath

This room really shows how big of a change you can make even when using the same space, particularly in a compact room.

We have included before images so that you can see the previous (but still very nice!) layout and fixtures versus the new design and finished product. The entire layout has been flipped, with the toilet and basin being closest to the door and the shower on the far wall. This has afforded more space for the shower and allowed a longer tray with a walk in enclosure. The new tray is lower profile for a more modern and streamlined look.

As this is a hotel en-suite the under-basin unit wasn’t necessary and has been done away with entirely. This makes for easy cleaning and also affords a little more space when you’re stood in the room to make moving around easier. A full-enclosed back to wall toilet pan continues the trend of easy cleaning and all of the plumbing (with the exception of the polished chrome basin trap) is hidden behind a stud wall which extends into the shower enclosure. A recess has been left above the basin which houses the large circular LED mirror.

The radiator has been situated at the end of the shower so that towels are easily accessed from the shower enclosure and also from the rest of the room, with plenty of rails for multiple towels and a modern black finish which contrasts nicely with the pale travertine shower wall panels. 

The entire room has been built with function in mind, with ease of use and easy cleaning a priority. 


Brands Used On This Project

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