Terracotta Room, North Road

Hot and cold is personified in this bathroom. As you enter you’re presented with this warm, terracotta paint finish, offset by the pale hexagonal  tiles in the bottom half of the room. Downlighting throughout, a mirrored radiator with towel rails and the mirrors on the counter ensure the whole room is well lit. 

In the main part of the bathroom the wall mounted Roca toilet is attached to a stud wall that is finished with a mid height countertop that allows all the plumbing to be concealed and houses a semi-countertop basin. This gives a full sized basin but without the need for a plinth. 

Stepping into the shower is a big contrast to the rest of the room. The shower is enclosed on two sides by walls and uses the same tiles as the main room but is finished with a darker grout to show off the hexagonal tiles in the brighter room. Concealed plumbing and a recessed storage shelf makes the best use of the tight space. 

The result of the design is a cool, clean and relaxing space in the shower which leads to a room that instantly makes you feel warm and cozy as you go to dry off. 

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