Selecting the Right Tradesmen


So you’ve shopped around and found the best bathroom products that your budget can buy. Who are you hiring to install the products?

This is in our opinion the most difficult part of buying a new bathroom as the fitting can often cost more than the equipment that you buy and yet many people spend less time vetting their installer than they do their bathroom supplier.

If you don’t know any local installers or plumbers there are a number of websites that offer customer rated installers like www.checkatrade.com  and www.ratedpeople.com plus many others.

Having done this many thousands of times please allow us to give you a few helpful tips:

1. Try to get at least two quotes but three preferably. Always ask for the fitter to specify a guarantee period they offer in the quotation. 2 years workmanship guarantee is customary!

2. Select the best two based not on price alone but on their credibility and professionalism as well.

3. Seek references from two of each of their clients.

4. Decide on your final favoured quote and then ask to see; a copy of any official qualifications that the winning quoter claims to possess; and a copy of their current public liability insurance. Without this they should not be working in your home.

5. Agree a payment schedule that you are happy with but make sure there is a healthy percentage held back to be paid on satisfactory completion. A deposit is normal for fitters to book the job and purchase materials but a maximum of 25% is sensible.

6. Get a receipt for every payment you make signed by the installer!

7. When you are happy with the finished installation get the warranty in writing before releasing the final payment.


We hope this helps!

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