Tailored Bathrooms

Tailored Bathrooms

Tailored Bathrooms have a vision to combine high quality, luxury design and affordability. With experience in bathrooms, importing and quality assurance you can be assured that their product quality and service is outstanding. Their products are developed and manufactured to strict quality standards and where applicable has relevant UK/EU Certification obtained. They aim to offer their customers outstanding value and quality to match!


Catalogue & Downloads

TitleFilesizeUpload date
Tailored Bathrooms Edition 8 Catalogue 35.97 MB 02-Oct-2023
TIS2171 on TIS2148 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS3007 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS3055 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS3056 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS3063 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4010 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4011 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4019 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4022 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4071 1 TIS4074 TIS4076 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4094 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4100 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4159 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4166 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4176 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4233 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS4241 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS5011 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS5070 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS5081 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS6001 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS6004 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS6012 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS 2168 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS0008 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS0042 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS0129 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS0131 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS2078 ©Tailored Bathrooms TIS2170 on TIS4149 ©Tailored Bathrooms

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