Design Your Own Bathroom

We really enjoy designing fantastic bathrooms for our customers and their families. At this time that is not as easy as we would like for obvious reasons.


So we thought why not let you have the opportunity to try this process for yourself. We created our online design tool with this in mind which also links with our in-store design software so that we can work with your design if you want us to.


If you would like to try your hand at bathroom design follow these easy steps:


  1. Measure your Bathroom, En-suite or Cloakroom (if you need a hand try our How to Measure your Bathroom post HERE)
  2. Click this link to open up our online design tool (opens in a new window)
  3. Design away! It’s very intuitive but if you would like some help scroll down for a step by step guide to using the online design tool.

Online Design Tool Users Guide



Select the Shape of your Room by double clicking on it.

  • Pick the closest one as you will get a chance to pop in all the measurements on the next page.
  • You can insert internal walls later in the process.



Enter your measurements, make sure the room looks the right shape and then click on ‘Elements’





Click on any of the elements your room has (or you would like it to have)

  • You can select Doors, Windows, Radiators, Walls (as in internal walls), backsplashes and connections (like switches and fans).
  • Each element will appear in the room and you will need to drag it into place and edit the sizes where possible to match the size of the element you have in your room.
  • Then click on ‘Design’




Click on the each of the ‘Room elements’ one at a time and make any adjustments to their design you would like to for example choose a tile colour that you would like or a wallpaper to cover some of the walls. You can change the colour of doors and windows as well.


Once you are satisfied with the Room elements click on number 3 ‘FURNISH’ in the the header at the top of the page.



Select a style that you would like from Country, Modern and Classic in the left hand margin.


Then the alternative Models will appear in the right hand section of the page. Choose the one of these that most closely resembles what you are looking for and click on it.



Select all of the equipment you would like in your bathroom from the left hand menu.


You can add Furniture, Furniture sets, Baths, Showers, Washbasins, Radiators, Toilets and Ornaments. Each selection you make by dragging or double clicking it can be manipulated in angle and position within your design.


Once you’ve selected all of the products you would like to see in the design click on the ‘Design’ tab in the first header.



The ‘Design’ Tab will come up with any extra design choices you can make based on the products you have selected in the previous step. 


Select the choices you require and then click on number 4 ‘VIEW’ from the top header.



All of your selections and your design are listed on this page.


Click on ‘Register now and finalise your plan’.



Fill out the form with your details…


…and then click on register.




A box like the one below appears and you click on ‘Finalise your plan’. Your plan will then be emailed to you.

You will also have an account so that you can login at any time and amend your plan or even start a new plan.


Please do let us know if you enjoy this process as much as we do! And if you would like us to organise a quote based on your design please do make contact via:

showroom@totalbathrooms.co.uk or call us on 01225 462727.


Have fun!


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