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Back-to-wall toilets are a clever solution to give the illusion space in a small bathroom while also bringing modern style to create a contemporary look. Traditional styles are also now available if you wanted a sleek alternative to a close coupled toilet for your luxury bathroom design.


The cistern (sold separately) is hidden behind the toilet pan, either within a toilet unit or concealed by a stud wall. If you can’t fit it in a stud wall then you might have to build some boxing/false wall or hide in some furniture. If fitted into furniture the cistern flush would normally be a push button, as the top fascia is removable.  However if you are fitting into boxing/false wall, using a flush plate will give easier access to the cistern once fitted. 


Toilet seats are usually Quick release for ease of cleaning and tightening and Soft close toilet seats to reduce noise. The exact seat that in the range  that matches the pan is normally the only option although some shapes (oval and D shaped) are more universal. Contemporary shaped pans usually have a plastic seat whereas traditional ones are commonly wooden.

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