Cloakroom Basin

These are usually smaller than the average basin and are designed to fit in smaller rooms, but it depends on your cloakroom size whether you need to limit the size of your hand washing facility in the loo. Beware that some of the smallest basins don’t have an overflow and a waste that is permanently open should be used to limit the possibility that the basin could overflow if the tap is left running!


Some are available in 0, 1, 2 tap hole although 1 tap hole is the most common and you can sometimes pick left or right tap hole to suit your room layout. 


These can be wall mounted or have a specific furniture range that sit below. Slightly deeper models can have the option of a full or semi-pedestal.

Cloakroom Basin Taps Laufen Pro Basin Tap Basins-Cloakroom

Our Cloakroom Basin Brands

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