Over and Under Counter Basins

These can also be called vanity basins because they tend to be fitted into vanity units. The over counter basin will have a lip around the basin that sits on top of the worktop and hides the cut which means they are easier to install and can fit into almost any type of worktop material. These are normally 0, 1 ,2 or 3 tap hole as you can get models with a wider ceramic ledge at the back to fit a tap.



The under counter basin has the lip which is secured to the underside of the worktop. Only materials that are, or can be made, waterproof can be used with the under counter basin because the edge of the cut hole is usually exposed sitting above the basin. This means that natural stone or man made mineral/resin worktops are normally used but have to be finished on the inner edges where the worktop meets the basin. These are normally no tap hole as the holes are drilled into the worktop or can be wall mounted. 



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