Wall Mounted Basin

Creating space and the feeling of minimalism, a wall mounted basin can work well in any bathroom or cloakroom. Make a statement of the pipework by using a chrome bottle trap and chrome fixings. Not all basins are designed to be mounted only to the wall because of the high stresses put on the ceramic at the mounting points, but there are many that are designed to work in this way. This type of basin can give the illusion of more space as more of the floor can be seen whilst also making it easier to clean compared to pedestals or floor standing furniture.


Always check with the installer before buying this type of basin as the wall behind it must be strong enough to support the basins weight (steel basin support frames are available as an additional item) and the waste pipe usually goes directly through the wall underneath the basin  (which might be a complication if your existing waste pipe runs down through the floor). Normally available in 0, 1, 2, 3 tap hole although 1 tap hole is the most common

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