Fiora was founded by three partners in the 1980’s in the La Rioja region of Spain. These men’s knowledge of a new material, polyurethane, and their interest in innovation, led them to utilise this highly versatile material, with it’s good performance with water, and decorating it with an appearance similar to wood.

Since these beginnings Fiora have moved on to increase their range, now also producing shower trays, basins, radiators and panelling for walls.


Catalogue & Downloads

TitleFilesizeUpload date
Fiora Collection Catalogue 2024 20.30 MB 10-Apr-2024
FRAME 100 Liso Cenere © Fiora ICON Pizarra Negro © Fiora MAKING 160 Pizarra BlancoTotal Encimera NCS S 1510 Y30R © Fiora MAKING 200 Liso NCS S 3502 G © Fiora MAKING 210 Pizarra Capuccino DetalleEncimera © Fiora SEN 120 NoceSavoia EncimeraNiagara © Fiora SEN 200 OlmoMercurio DetalleCenital © Fiora ELAX CLASSIC SYSTEM 180x80 Pizarra Nude © Fiora ELAX CLASSIC SYSTEM 100x100 Pizarra Bone © Fiora ESSENTIAL 180x90 Pizarra BlancoRoto © Fiora KOU 160X80 Lastra BlancoTotal © Fiora KOU 170X70 Lastra Capuccino © Fiora LIMITE 160x80 Betao NCS S 0515 Y40R © Fiora LIMITE 200x80 Pizarra NCS S3030 Y50R © Fiora LIMITE 200X90 Betao Negro © Fiora NOOK 320x100 Solid Surface © Fiora PRIVILEGE 180X100 Pizarra Gris © Fiora SILEXPLUS 180X90 Lastra BlancoTotal © Fiora SPRING 140x70 Spring Negro © Fiora SPRING 160x80 Spring BlancoTotal © Fiora TRACE 180x90 Pizarra Cenere © Fiora

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