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An increasingly popular option for increasing storage in bathrooms is fitted furniture. Much like you’d find in your kitchen, fitted bathrooms produce a clean, uncluttered appearance, with a worktop, plenty of storage space and matching units. An additional benefit is that the void underneath the furniture run (behind the plinth) can conceal a vast amount of unsightly pipework.  It is a range of furniture that can be installed into pretty much any width and can be seamlessly wall to wall with the use of filler panels (cut to size panels the same finish as the doors) and worktop lengths and plinths that can be trimmed to the exact required length. 

In our bathroom furniture sale, the selection of different width units range from a variety of base units (including toilet, basin and door or drawer storage cupboards)  , tall column units (full height floor storage cupboard) and wall units(including wall cupboards and mirror cabinets). There are most commonly two depths which are standard depth, and slim line (more suited to rooms where floor space is minimal as there shorter depth project less into the room but reduced storage space is the compromise). Although some suppliers also offer extra deep units more suited to vessel bowls etc.

There are a huge selection of door styles and colours from the modern flat slab to the classic framed shaker styled door. You can also pick from a variety of different handles and knobs. The ceramics to fit on these units are usually universal/interchangeable and would need to be a semi-counter basin and a wall hung or back to wall toilet pan. There are plenty of different style ceramics to compliment the door style.

Worktops can also be a important feature with lots of different materials and colours. Laminate worktops are relativity cost effective solution with a wood base and an image with a waterproof layer over the top. These are very easy to cut but need an edging strip on showing ends. Another popular alternative are solid surface worktops. These are made of natural minerals and plastics and are the same material all the way through. They are completely waterproof and are stronger and more scratch and stain resistant. You don’t need any special tools to cut them and and cut edges can be sanded then polished for a quality finish. Any damage or scratches can be polished out so they should be long lasting. There are some of these solid worktops with basins integrated into them which means no silicone joints between the basin and top leaving a minimalist finish.

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