Straight Sliding Shower Enclosures

Straight Sliding door shower enclosures are a great option if your showering space is wider than 1m and you have basin or toilet directly in-front where a pivoting door would clash. They normally consist of one fixed panel (half the width) and a door (the other half of the width) that slides behind the fixed panel. There are usually rollers at the top and bottom which are sometimes spring loaded to allow for quick release for ease of cleaning. The doors are adjustable to fit a wide range of gaps and if you don’t have a recess then you can install one with a matching side panel to fit into a corner and even some ranges can fit onto just one wall with 2 side panels. They are normally reversible so you can pick if you have the entrance on the left or right hand side. Glass thicknesses range from the standard 6, 8 up to the chunky 10mm which are robust and can be more frameless and minimalist looking. You can also get a few different glass finishes including black tint and frosted.  Most ranges come with an easy cleaning treatment on the glass which is an ultra smooth surface to reduce the build up of limescale.

Liberty Two Sliding Doors Level Access Sliding Door Shower Enclosure Semi Framelow threshold slider Lakes Sliding Door Shower Enclosure Lakes Straight Sliding Door Shower Enclosure Framed Sliding Door Shower Enclosure Original Straight Sliding Door Shower © Kudos Shower Products Limited Roman Sliding Door Shower Enclosure Roman Straight Sliding Door Shower Enclosure Kudos Sliding Door Shower Enclosure LakesProduct6 969x650

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