Frogwell Park, Chippenham

There are quite a lot of features in this bathroom in a relatively compact space, but it does not feel cramped.

Throughout the room, stud walls have been used to hide plumbing, create recessed storage areas below the shower and above the basins, and also to recess the mirror cabinet into the wall. This helps to stop any of the fixings feel like they’re encroaching into the useable space as well as keeping the finish tidy. The same method has been used to conceal the cistern below the window, creating a larger surface/windowsill and then a wall mounted Britton toilet pan has fitted.

The deep grey tiles used for both the walls and floor to deal with splashes from the shower and basins and the colour contrasts nicely with the pure white of the other walls, basin unit and ceiling. It also causes the illuminated rectangular mirror cabinet to really stand out.

The radiator is oil filled with an electric element which means that no plumbing had to be added to position it where it was wanted. The chrome ladder rail radiator also adds plenty of extra storage for towels, as well as putting out enough heat to keep the room dry. 

A concealed valve has been fitted in the shower near the entrance so that you can adjust the temperature before walking into the water. An overhead outlet as well as a handset gives plenty of coverage and the shower tray is flush to the floor, with the waste channelled away underneath so that there’s no step up, with a flush finish. 


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