Main Bathroom, Binegar, Radstock

This stylish property features three bathrooms which have been fully renovated and brought up to a very modern specification.

Pale peachy tones have been used throughout the room which makes for a calm and bright space. Small downlights help highlight key areas but much of the light comes from the two illuminated mirrors over the basins. During the day the skylight helps provide plenty of light but in the evenings the room takes on a warm and cozy tone. 

A freestanding bath has been situated close to one wall and industrial styled controls with matching spout and shower handset are fitted on the wall over the bath. The tap handles and spouts over the countertop wash basins are the same style and this black finish is continued through the flush plate over the toilet and into the shower with the sower controls and outlets. The basin units and toilet are both wall hung which makes for easier cleaning and gives an illusion of greater space. 

The shower enclosure is a walk in wetroom style area with a seamless transition on the floor thanks to the tileable tray. All of the plumbing is hidden within the wall and the glass is framed by black metal. The final effect is very clean and tidy. 


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