Main Bathroom, Warminster Road

This bathroom once again shows just how much you can get out of a relatively small space.

At first glance this bathroom is reasonably small. And yet a full sized bath has been fitted, with the plumbing for the shower hidden in the wall and plenty of space left to move around.

A key feature of this bath and shower design is that the shower valve has been paired with a matching overflow filler in the bath. This means that there are no taps taking up additional space on the edge of the bath or in the wall. Of course all the brassware is also finished in a matching brushed brass for a coordinated look.

The colour matching is continued in all aspects of the design. The wall mounted basin unit pairs with the wooden bath panels as well as the tile designs. The mirror bezel, shower screen fittings and the large panel radiator have all been selected in a matt black. The radiator really stands out due to the contrast of the brushed brass towel hangers that match the brassware in the rest of the room. 

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