Office WC, London Road, Bath

We’ve included pictures of the bathroom before work started for this project so you can see the extent of the transformation! 

Whilst not unpleasant, the original bathroom was definitely dated and in need of an update. The client opted for a separate area for the toilet and the rest of the room, which helps to provide an added sense of privacy. All of the original fittings, plinths etc. have been done away with and the whole room turned around. The plumbing is all hidden in boxed sections or inside furniture such as the wall hung unit and countertop basin. 

Dark, earthy tones have been used on the walls and floors and combined with the hanging light set creates a very warm feel. The mirror is also an illuminated unit which provides additional lighting when required. All of the brassware is brushed brass as are the handles on the unit to add to that warm feel. The ladder rail style radiator is oil filled and fitted with an electric element so that no additional plumbing is required to fit. 

Brands Used On This Project

Office WC, London Rd, Bath Office WC, London Rd, Bath ZP1 ZP2 ZP3 ZP3D1 Office WC, London Rd, Bath Office WC, London Rd, Bath ZPBF1 ZPBF2 ZPBF3

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