Shower Room, Sydney Road

There isn’t a huge amount to say about this bathroom; it’s clean, it’s compact and it’s tidy. 

The shower tray has been placed on top of a plinth to allow for the waste to be located without interfering with the floor at all. All the plumbing for the shower is hidden within the stud wall and includes recessed storage shelves. All of the brassware is finished in black for a very modern and stylish look. This has continued into the surround on the sliding glass door and toilet flush plate mounted on the wall. 

Patterned tiles have been used to create some variation but maintain the monochrome theme and match with the cloakroom basin unit which fits snuggly into the space by the door. The mirror is lit by integrated LEDs with adjustable brightness and tone, it also features an integrated demister which is essential in a room with a shower but especially so in a small space like this.

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