Solsbury View, Bathampton

The shape of this room has been utilized expertly to fit everything the client needs. The alcove at the end of the room houses the bath and is finished off by a glass panel to prevent any splashes into the rest of the room. The gorgeous blue and white patterned tiles give a slightly traditional feel which is accentuated by the brushed gold finish brassware throughout. However these are all modern designs with modern features and blends the two styles perfectly. 

The furniture run is low-profile to provide more space in the room but with a semi-recessed basin fitted into a cut worktop to provide a full sized basin space and ample countertop storage. All the plumbing is hidden in the walls or in the units such as with the cistern for the toilet. Recessed ceiling lights provide ample lighting to the room without protruding into the space. A tall white ladder rail radiator has been included on the opposite wall to the units (just visible in the mirror) which not only provides excellent heat, but also plenty of storage space for towels. 

Brands Used On This Project

Solsbury View, Bathampton SV2 SV3 SV3D

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