Bifold & Infold Shower Enclosures

If you are very tight on space outside of the shower enclosure with a toilet or basin nearby where a conventional outward opening door would clash then a Bifold or Infold might be a perfect solution. A Bifold door is consists of two equal sized panels that are hinged in the middle and when the door opens these panels fold inwards upon themselves usually with a runner track to guide them. Some sleek looking frameless versions are available but these don’t have the runners at the top or bottom to guide the door when opening.


A fairly new alternative is a Infold door where these look like a hinged/pivot door that are sometimes preferred over a bifold as it is more minimalist with less seals and easier to clean. They work slightly differently as the single door has a clever roller and arm mechanism meaning the door can open half in and half out which can usually be enough to miss any obstacles outside the door.


Both ranges are available in 6 or 8mm glass and have adjustment for out of plumb walls. You can also get matching side panels if it is in a corner and some offer inline panels if the door gap is over 1m wide.  Most brands offered by bathroom wholesalers are easy clean glass treatments which reduce the build up of limescale & grime with a ultra smooth glass finish. 


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