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A walk in shower refers to a shower that has no door. This means you can move in and out of your shower enclosure easily without any restrictions while the airy glass screen enclosure making your entire bathroom feel larger. A walk in can just have walls but be careful if you are building a stud wall instead of a glass screen as although this can add some privacy this will be take up more space (as the wall is thicker than glass) and will restrict the natural daylight.  Plain glass panels have no moving parts or doors which makes them relatively maintenance-free and easily accessible. If you are short on space and therefore have to have a relatively short glass panel don’t worry about water splashing onto your floor as you can also add a short hinged or fixed bypass panel (200-400mm) that usually sits at 90 degrees to the larger panel and reduces splash by the entrance. Single piece Curved glass can have the same benefits. Available in 8, 10 or 12mm glass thickness you have a choice in different glass finishes (including textures and colours) and different fixing finishes (including matt black, nickle & brushed gold).


These glass panels can usually fit onto either a shower tray or a wetroom tiled floor so they are very versatile. We usually recommend a minimum of 1300-1400mm in shower base length for a Walk-in shower and would probably require a bypass panel up until around 1700mm length shower base. A gap or around 500-600mm is suggested for the entrance to allow easy access. Side panels can be added at the far end of the shower to reduce splash and even 3 sided models are available. If you have the space (usually a minimum of around 2.2m in shower base length) you could opt for a double entry shower where the glass of wall is freestanding in the centre of the space with two bracing bars allowing for entrance/exit at either end.  For a contemporary feel and a minimalist look, you can’t go far wrong with a walk-in shower for your bathroom’s solutions.

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