Hinged or Pivot Shower Doors & Enclosures

Hinged doors are fixed to the wall or frame normally with a pair of hinges on the vertical side of the glass door and are a very robust shower door. A Pivot door is very similar but will pivot on two points at the top and bottom normally slightly further away from the wall compared to a hinged. A pivot door normally has a shorter opening distance/entrance gap which is useful if there is something nearby on the outside of the shower that could come into contact with the glass door. This is also very handy if you are planning to fit a heated towel rail behind the door as when fully opened there is usually a decent sized gap between the wall and the door.

For a recessed shower enclosure, all you need is a door but if it is in a corner of a room then you can get matching side panels in various sizes. If required there are a few models that are 3 sided which fit to just one wall and have 2x side panels. Most doors and side panels come with adjustment so that you can get that perfect fit. Doors normally go up to a maximum width of 1m but if you require longer then there are ranges with Inline panels which are a fixed glass panel that the hinges fit to to help extend it to cover large gaps. The glass is usually available in thicknesses of 6, 8 up to 10mm and the thicker you go the more robust and minimalist the enclosure can be. Bespoke sizes to fit any gap can be ordered with various glass finishes (such as frosted or black tint) and selection of shower fixings finishes (such as matt black, nickle, brushed gold). Most brands offer easy clean glass treatments which reduce the build up of limescale & grime with a ultra smooth glass finish. 

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