Shower Trays

The shape of the shower tray needs to match the enclosure so there won’t be places for water to escape. It’s worth planning for which shape will best suit the bathroom, thinking  about how doors open etc & extra room if needed.


A square shower tray can be used with a variety of door styles, bifold, hinged, infold etc so can be a good choice for small bathrooms.

Rectangular trays offer a spacious shape which is often used with a sliding door, so it an space-efficient for smaller bathrooms but usually give you more room than a square version. 


A quadrant shower tray has a curved front most often used with a pair of sliding doors or single sliding & hinged. This enables an enclosure that fit well into a corner space. Offset quadrant trays are also available combining rectangular & curved shapes giving a more spacious space saving design.


There are more unusual shapes available, such as D Shaped, P shaped or pentagonal shower trays, these are designed to fit a matching enclosure.


Shower Tray Materials

ABS Acrylic capped stone resin = These are made from moulded crushed stone in a special resin (similar to concrete) making a rigid solid tray. The acrylic cap gives the tray a durable easy clean finish in either gloss or matt anti slip options. 


Steel Shower Trays = Made in the same way as steel baths, pressed steel sheet with vitreous enamel finish (glass). Steel Shower trays are sturdy, hardwearing and resistant to most corrosives, scratches and bumps. They offer options in antislip, colours & flush to floor installations.


Cast solid resin trays = Made from mineral stone resin, this material is the same all the way through making a solid rigid tray. These trays are available in many finish options from flat colours to natural multi tonal colours. Many can be cut to size or cut on site allowing for awkward installations. Due to the tray being the same material throughout minor marks or scratches can often be polished out.


Raised or Flat?

Many of the tray have optional plinths to raise the tray off the floor. These are designed to allow for pipe work that isn’t set into the floor, such as the waste to drain the water away. These plinth kits usually include adjustable leg for easy installation & clip on panels for a neat finish.

If the plumbing in your bathroom can be set into the floor then slimmer tray (or flush to floor) gives a sleeker more minimal look with less of a step in & out of the tray & can help to avoid tray hazards especially for people with mobility issues.

Ground Level Shower Tray FioraProduct5 969x650 Arcylic Nuance Shower Tray Bette Antirutsch Pro Shower Tray FioraProduct1 969x650 Star Bathroom Tiles Liber8 Shower Tray Lakes Straight Sliding Door Shower Enclosure FioraProduct8 969x650 FioraProduct6 969x650 FioraProduct16 969x650 bettefloor side 2

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